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Why DX!

I've been asked why do I have a Website?  Well, simple.  DX!

If you didn't notice already, I've aggregated 4 separate DX News Feeds that show on every page of  There's a scrolling DX News Feed from on the top header.  In the far right column there's DX News Feeds from, and ARRL News.

Frankly, I was getting tired of going to four different sources for all the DX News everyday so I decided if nothing else, I'd put them all on every page of this Blog so I could see them without having to hunt all over the Internet.  One place, all the DX News, updated all the time!  I also added a couple widgets so I know what local time it is in say Tokyo, Sydney or Moscow, and I can peek at the latest sunspot numbers too.  This site is built for DXing, by a DXer.

Hey, Bookmark us too!  Good DX!

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  1. Nick K8ZOG says

    Thank you for putting it back up Lumpy, I know it was a lot of work after the screwing by GoDaddy, I use the site every day for DX news.



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